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Solitaire Suite For Second Life - Release Notes

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Skin Program

Version 3.61 =================================
Removed Auto Move Button (more information)
Corrected a bug related to pay in amount conversions

Version 3.6 =================================
Added Aces Up Game
Added Klondike Turn One Game
Major Memory Usage Reduction - Some games use less than half as much memory
Improved preformance when using the Linden Lab Second Life Viewer
Uses one texture file for all cards, previous versions used 65
Corrected a bug that would cause the game to think that a payin price was not vaild when in fact it was. (rare)
Corrected a bug in Jackataire that would cause it's stop loss to also stop the Battle game type
Un-Specified Security Improvements
Game types now appear in the menu in alphabetical order

Version 3.5 =================================
Added Jackataire Game
Added Battle Game

Speed improvements in Doublets
Added New Lose and Win Sounds
Corrected a bug in Klondike, Canfield, Yukon, Spiderette and Siege that would cause cards to become disconnected from their stack or pile.
Corrected a bug in Spiderette that would cause completed sets not to be counted.
Corrected a bug in Spiderette that would cuase cards to overlap when pulling from the deck.
Corrected a very rare bug in games that use auto-move that would allow cards to be moved that should not be.
Corrected the spelling of "valid" from "vaild" in owner messages.

Corrected a bug that would cause the Game Type button to disapper from the board after a game of Yukon.

Version 3.4 =================================
Corrected a bug that would cause the number of deals per game to get stuck at unlimited

Version 3.3 =================================
Corrected a bug that would cause the pot to display as "0000000000" during freeplay games

Version 3.2 =================================
Replaced Siege with Siege Azul
Doublets Now Supports Multiple Decks
Corrected a bug that caused "License OK" to show on top of games
Blue Menu for Pay Without Game Type
Game Timeout warning before timeout
Blue Menu for Game Timeout Notices
More Complete Owner Messages includes number of deals, gamepayout type, and percent per card if applies
API Modified To Include Payout Multiplier (pot for freeplay) API #10
API Modified To Payout Type (0 = PPC, 1 = AON, 2 = FREEPLAY) API #11
Corrected a bug that would cause licenses not to work on the first rez for non-commission owners.
Auto Move now de-selects cards before running
Stop Loss For Individual Game types
Stop loss can disable all games within a sim or 96 meters.
Display Text Alignment Bug Fixed
Corrected a bug that would cause a region restart to disable games

Version 3.1 =================================
Corrected bug that caused hover text to say it was a beta game
Corrected bug that caused the win annimation to play constantaly

Version 3.0 =================================
Added Spiderette Game
Added Doublets Game
Added Siege Game

Reduced Idle Script Time By 1,700%! - Idle Script Time Now Between .002ms and .009ms depending on config.
55 Less Scripts :-)
Resetting Game No Longer Resets Stats
Added auto complete option on most game types
All or Nothing Games (Can Configure to payout at any number of cards)
Freeplay Games
Returns to version 1.5 method of shuffle (makes games more easy to win)
No Longer Congrat People on winning nothing.
Corrected Spelling Error "Payount" Per Card At Start Of Game
Game Gives Instructions When Clicked
Auto Corrects For Game Resize
Requires Game Type Selection If New Player
Owner Menu While Game In Progress
Added Addon Development API for 3rd Party Addons such as score boards and stats collectors
Returned 1.5 like Skins by Sorina Garrigus
Added New Skins by 3K Games
Corrected a minor bug in Yukon and Klondike
Game Returns Money Paid To It When Game Is In Progress
Overall Amount of Code Reduction
Corrected a bug in the board display of Canfield and Klondike in which the board would show cards in the deck when there were none
Many More Smaller Improvements!

Version 2.1 =================================

Complete Re-Write
Added Canfield Game
Added Yukon Game
Added ability to switch game types
Removed 17 Prims, Now completely mono
Added Double-Click To Move Cards To Foundations
Much Smother Game Play
Script Time While Running Reduced In Half
Corrected Non Flipping Over Cards Bug
Corrected Hanging Game Bug
New Sounds and Skins provided by 3K Games

Version 1.5 =================================

Corrected a serious bug in 1.4 which caused games to get permanently stuck

Version 1.4 =================================

Update to Mono
Allows for custom card back textures
Comes with 5 card back skins
Corrects Documentation
Non-Commission version available

Version 1.3 =================================

Added Stop Loss
Added Ability to turn off owner IMs
Owner Commissions now included in game stats
Owner can limit re-deals

The game now functions like the Windows version of Solitaire in that players can now use cards that have already been dealt in the discard pile. For example if the first 3 cards pulled are 2, 3 and 4 and the player does not use any of them and pulls again and the next 3 are 5, 6 and 7. If the player uses the 5, 6, and 7 he can then use the 4, then the 3 and then the 2 and so on.

Cards in deck now shift to the right when first one is used.
New Update system.
Corrects "Free Game" bug where the game would start by its self without being paid.
Game now functions properly in heavy lag sims

Version 1.2 =================================

Security Update - No details provided but you really don't want to be running anything lower than this. Thank you to Aargle Zymurgy for your help on this one!

Version 1.1 =================================

Initial release to outside places
Settings config file vs Hard Coded

Version 1.0 =================================

First Release





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