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Solitaire - Jackataire
Created by Paso Clip
Produced by Moo Town Games

Jackataire is part of the Solitaire Suite For Second Life created by Paso Clip and produced by Moo Town Games. It was introduced into the suite as part of version 3.5.

Jackataire is about as close to BlackJack as Linden Lab will let us get. You get four stacks on the board. Using cards from the deck, drawn one at a time, you try to get each stacks value to 21. You can place cards in any of the 4 stacks at anytime as long as the value does not exceed 21. If you cannot use a card or do not want to use a card you can discard it.

This is a points game, somthing new to Solitaire. You get 1000 points for getting a stack to 21, 2000 points if you do it with BlackJack, and 600 points per card if you do it with 5 or more cards.

Object Of The Game

  • Use the four stack spaces to make combinations of 21.
  • Aces can be considered 1 or 11.
  • All face cards are worth 10.
  • You cannot place cards if they would make the total stack value greater than 21 (bust).
  • If you cannot play a card on any stack you may discard it using the discard button.
  • Cards in the discard pile may not be used.
  • You may discard a card even if you can play it if you so desire.


  • 21 with 3 or 4 cards = 1000 points
  • 21 with 2 cards (Ace and 10, or Joker and Any 1 Other Card) = 2000 points
  • 21 with 5 or more cards = 600 points per card

Wild Cards

Each deck contains 6 wild cards. These wild cards can be 1 of 3 kinds:

Blocks (red cards with stop icon)

  • Blocks cannot be discarded, they must be played on one of the four stacks.
  • Blocks lock a stack and nothing can be played on that stack until the block has been removed.
  • To remove a block, you may play either a Dozer or a Joker on it.


  • Dozers cannot be discarded, they must be played on one of the four stacks.
  • Dozers clear a stack (including blocked stacks).
  • Stacks claered with a Dozer card are not scored.


  • Jokers will instantally make a stack equal 21 (including blocked stacks).
  • Jokers can be used to form any combination with any other cards.
  • You can use a Joker to clear a block and the block itself will be counted as a card for scoring (ie a block card and a joker make 21 and will be counted as 2000 points.)


  • The first card in this pile will turn over after each move. This is the next and only playable card.
  • There is no redeal but games can have multiple decks (up to 10 [580 cards]).



2000 Points for 21 with 2 cards

Example 2:

1000 Points for 21 with 3 cards

Example 3:

3000 Points for 21 with 5 cards (600 points per card)





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