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Rewarding Players, Not Campers!

Pay For Play has paid Moo Town Games players:
L$ 34,827,790 ($131,425 usd)
*Updated Every Week

What is Pay For Play

Pay For Play is a rewards system developed by Moo Town Games to reward you for choosing Moo Town as your place to play. Pay For Play pays players up to 100 Linden Dollars every 5 minutes all day every day! Up to L$80,000 a day! And during special events we raise that to 500 Linden Dollars every 5 minutes or payout 2 people 100 linden dollars every 5 minutes.

fran C. Won L$250 From Pay For Play 3350311 Minutes Ago Just For Playing At Moo Town Games!

How Pay For Play Works

To be entered into the Pay For Play contest, all you have to do is play a paid game (L$10 and above) while wearing your Moo Town Games Group Tag. You will see a message sent to you telling you that you have been entered into the contest if its the first time you have played a game during that drawing.

The amount of money paid to the winning player is determined by how many people are playing games. We add 10 Linden Dollars to the amount for every unique player playing. Bring your friends to Moo Town to make the drawing higher! Normally this amount is capped at 100 Linden Dollars but we raise that from time to time for special events. Check out our events page for more information on upcoming events.

Pay For Play Is Available For Purchase

Have your own games and want to have your own Pay For Play? Well now your in luck, Pay For Play version 3.1 is now available at the Moo Town Games Store in-world. Contact us more more information.


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