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Solitaire - Spiderette
Created by Paso Clip
Produced by Moo Town Games

Spiderette is part of the Solitaire Suite For Second Life created by Paso Clip and produced by Moo Town Games. It was introduced into the suite as part of version 3.0.

Spiderette is a challenging game of skill. Most people will better know this games bigger version known simply as "Spider". Spiderette in Solitaire for Second Life uses only two suits.

Object Of The Game

  • To create in the tableau 4 suites of 13 cards in descending sequence by suit from King to Ace.
  • This game uses only 2 suits so there are 2 of each card.
  • Each completed suite counts as 13 cards for scoring purposes.


  • There are no foundations in Spiderette. When a playable sequence (an entire suiteof 13 cards) becomes exposed it is automatically removed from the board.
  • The game is won if all four sequences are discarded (when you discard the whole deck in four sequences and nothing is on the tableau).

(7 columns)

  • Build down regardless of suit (for example, any 5 can be played on a any 6).
  • The top card of each pile is available for play on another tableau pile.
  • Cards of the same suit and in descending sequence may be moved as a unit to another pile (groups of cards not of the same suit cannot be moved).
  • Nothing can be placed on an Ace (a King cannot move, except to a blank space).
  • Spaces may be filled with any available card or packed sequence.


  • Turn cards up from the stock to each tableau pile by clicking.
  • There is no redeal.
  • You MUST have cards in each tableau pile to use the stock.





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