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Moo Town Games Products

Moo Town Games makes a variety of products for the gaming industry in Second Life.

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Solitaire Suite For Second Life

The Solitaire Suite for Second Life is one of the most expandable and extensive games in the virtual world. Solitaire contains a number of games called Game Types which players can choose from. Each game can be configured a number of ways in a single machine, eliminating the need for tons of machines to be deployed as is the case with most games in Second Life.

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No Devil

This is a new twist on an existing style game, NoDevil brings you the fun of playing without dealing with the disappointment of losing 1/2 of our score at the worst moment.... The difference in this game is "What you see is What u Get!" . Only the multiplier could be decreased by 1 Factor, no other game compares to it! No more ripping the hair out of your head when that greedy lil devil appears!.. ;-)

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MooLoTo is Moo Town Games take on an old game called CoLoTo. The goal is to match as many colors as possible, each cube has 4 sides, each side can be a different color. You can match colors to the sides of the board or to the sides of other cubes you have already placed. When two colors match they turn grey to indicate a match made. When a cube has matches on 3 or more sides it is cleared. When a cube is cleared any connecting matches are changed from grey to another random color. In addition to a point bonus, you get an extra round for each cube cleared.

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The Slideout system enables grid-wide competitions on many of the most popular games in Second Life including; King Bing, No Devil, Bricks, Joker, and Solitiaire.

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Zyngo Devils Addon for Zyngo

Zyngo Devils enables you to pay a percentage of the cost of each game back to the player for every devil that they get. This addon is compatible with all Zyngo games version 5.0 or higher and works with the games built-in menu system to provide statistics.

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Pay For Play

Pay For Play is a rewards system developed by Moo Town Games. This system works like a random money giver but to be entered into the drawings you must have played a game. Pay For Play supports numerous options to allow you to customize it to fit your needs.

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Universal Contest Board

The Moo Town Games Universal Contest board is a progressive timed contest board that supports any game created by Aargle Zymurgy Systems, including Zyngo.

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Moo Guard

MooGuard is a system which will prevent players from playing more than one game at a time. Most users use this system to prevent players from playing more than one freeplay game. Moo Guard works with a number of games including Zyngo. In the event that a player does play more than one game at a time the system will stop both games and warn the player. You can also optionally eject and/or ban a player who tries.

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