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No Devil Slideout
No Devil Created by Mitralone Yalin, Mudur Spyker and Paso Clip
Slideout System Created by Paso Clip, Mitralone Yalin and Mudur Spyker
Produced by 3K Games and Moo Town Games

Part of the grid wide 3K Moo Town Slideout System

The gameplay is exactly the same as regular No Devil. The only difference is the pot payments which will be explained below. For new players, here is how to play. Seasoned players can skip to part "Winning The Game".

The Game

The game will draw the cards at the bottom of the game 22 times a game. You can move to next round by clicking on the numbers below or you can turn on AUTOPLAY or TURBOPLAY. You can turn around every card in the playfield, which is equal to the drawing card in the same column. If there is a Joker, you can click on any card left in the column to turn it around. Try to click as many cards as you can to get the highscore and win the pot.


If the drawing shows BONUS, you´ll get 1, 2 or 3 Extra Spins or all five cards will turn into a Joker. If you got the five Jokers, you may pick 1 number from each column to mark off. This Bonus can really help you clear a board fast! You can get up to two BONUS rounds per game, so it´s possible to have up to 28 rounds in a game.


The game starts with multiplier = 1x. Every game has two hidden Lucky Devils and one hidden spider. If you got a Lucky Devil, your multiplier will increase, but a spider will decrease it. Try to find the spider first, so it cannot steal your multiplier, because at least it is 1x. After that find the Lucky Devils, so the multiplier will grow up to 2x and 3x.


You will get a mystery bonus score of 100 to 1000 extra, every mystery is different!

AUTOPLAY & TURBO PLAY: Aactivate it by clicking on the Price Display below, while a game is active. Click on display again to turn TURBO PLAY on . Click once more and you again get MANUAL PLAY.


Every turned card scores 200 points.
A Joker scores 1000 points.
Mystery = 100 to 1000 points.
Lucky Devil brings you 2000 points and lets the multiplier grow.
Spider = 0 points, reduces your multiplier.
Fill a row, column or diagonal and get 500 points.
Complete the colored letter to become 3000 points.
Fill all 25 cards and you will get 7500 points.


All scores you get will be multiplied by the actual shown multiplier.


To switch Sound on/off, click on the speaker next to rounds left display

Winning The Game:

On top of the machine, you will see, scores names and pots. At the end of the game, your score will be evaluated against these scores. If you pass any of them (the highest past score will be taken into account), you will get into the list from that slot. The other players on the list will slide down one spot and the person on the last spot will be paid the pot at the time you kick him/her out and you will enter the slot with 0 linden pot. Everytime a Slide Out game is played in whole SL, the pots will increase and until someone beats the score you are in and you get slid down till last spot and then slid out, your pot will also increase. Once somebody passes a score and you are on last spot, he/she will slide you out of the position and you will be paid the pot written next to your name. And this will go on...

Final words: Use your bonuses wisely. Plan when you will do your bings and pattern. Also, use your wildcards wisely and plan your moves and develop a strategy that you change in the course of the game. Remember, it is possible to score over 100.000 in this game.






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