No Devil
Created by Komarg Axon
Produced by RavKom Game Systems (Formerly Known As SL Playground)

7GO is a game of skill played on a bingo layout; the objective is to cover a 5-by-5 grid of symbols (7 different colors of sevens) twice. Strategy is necessary to obtain the highest scores because you will be asked to clear the grid in two different ways.

You have 20 rounds to complete the two stages of 7GO. The current round number is indicated below the grid. At the start of each stage, you will be presented a grid of sevens with the following distribution: 7 rainbow sevens, and 3 sevens each in the colors red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple.

Each round, sevens will appear on a row below the grid. Each seven may be played only in the column directly above it, and only if a match can be made. If the word "WILD" appears in place of a seven, you may play it on any seven left in that column. Every match you make scores a certain amount of points, which is then modified by a scoring multiplier (explained in the next two sections). You have up to 30 seconds to complete each round, but you may proceed to the next round any time by clicking on that bottom row below the grid.


Each seven carries a base point value; there are also bonuses for covering a line and covering the entire grid (each with its own base value).

all 7s except for rainbow 7s = 50 points
rainbow 7s = 77 points
line covering bonus (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal) = 177 points
grid covering bonus = 700 points

These base points are multiplied by the scoring multiplier in effect for the current round and added to your total score. For example, covering the whole grid when the multiplier is 10x scores a bonus of 10 × 700 = 7000 points. Your total score is displayed above the grid, while the current round and scoring multiplier are displayed below the grid.

Stages and Scoring Multipliers

This is what makes 7GO stand apart from the many other grid-based games in Second Life that have similar gameplay mechanics. It is essential that you understand these rules in order to have the best chance of obtaining the highest scores.

Speed Stage
You begin the game (round 1) in the Speed Stage. In this stage, the objective is to cover up the grid of sevens in as FEW rounds as possible. For the first round, the scoring multiplier is set to 20x. After that, the multiplier will DECREASE by 1 every round until either you cover the whole grid or the game ends (at which point in that 20th and final round, the scoring multiplier will have fallen to 1x). Once you cover the grid, the current round and Speed Stage end immediately. The Leisure Stage will then begin on the next round.

Leisure Stage
You begin the Leisure Stage with a new grid of sevens to cover up. Using the remaining rounds that you have, you now want to cover up the grid of using as MANY rounds as possible to accomplish this task. The Leisure Stage begins with a scoring multiplier of 1x. The multiplier will then INCREASE by 1 every round thereafter until the end of the game. Covering up the grid on this stage ends the game immediately because there are no more points to score afterwards. Therefore, it is ideal for you to finish this stage on round 20 because maximum bonus points would be awarded at that time.


Weekly Contest Board
All Games Included
Player Score Pot
Amour H. 104,968 L$1,000
Kaity B. 103,163 L$750
Amour H. 101,419 L$500
Haley K. 99,992 L$250
Haley K. 99,896 L$100
266 Games Played - Next Payout :
Saturday, October 26, 2013 12:30 PM SL Time

Other Tips

  • The multiplier in effect when the Speed Stage is completed, minus 1, becomes the maximum possible multiplier during the Leisure Stage (when you reach round 20). Thus, the sooner you complete the Speed Stage, the more points you will have scored for that stage, and the more points you could score during the Leisure Stage. (For example, if you finish the Speed Stage on round 11 with a 10x multiplier, you could potentially have a 9x multiplier during the Leisure Stage on round 20.)

  • During the Leisure Stage, consider if it is wiser to score points on a match immediately in a given round, or pass and hope the match appears again on a later round when it will be worth more points due to the increased multiplier.

  • There are no random awards of bonus points, and no random scoring penalties in the game of 7GO. That means your decisions (e.g. where to play a wild or seven when you have more than one option, or whether or not to even play it at all) will have a much greater effect on your success than in other bingo-like games.



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