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MTG Bonk for Second Life and Avination
How To Play

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Game Information:

Monsters and robots have invaded our city and its up to you to stop them! Get to monsters using as few moves as possible.

How To Play:

We highly recommend that you sit in front of this game to play it.

Pay the game to start.

You will be asked for permission to use your keyboard controls. You do not have to do this, but it makes the game much easier.

You and two monsters will be placed randomly on a map.

If you gave the game permission to take your controls you should be able to move by pressing the arrow key for the direction you wish to move. If not,, touch the space you want to go to.

You must move one space at a time. You must follow the roads, so plan carefully. You can wrap around the board (ie. to left to bottom left) if the road allows for it.

Some monsters are worth a lot more points than others, see below for which ones are worth the most. The points you get for getting a monster goes down by 10% every time you move, so its not always best to go for the monster with the best base score. Scores will never be less than 10% of the original base score for any monster.

Monster Scoring:

Pink = 1,000 Points     Blue = 2,000 Points
Orange = 4,000 Points     White Robot = 8,000 Points






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