No Devil
Created by Paso Clip
Produced by Moo Town Games

How To Play

You start with 20 rounds. During each round you get to place a cube on the board or skip that cube. If you skip a cube it still counts as a round. The cube to be placed is displayed on the right side of the board under where it says "Next Cube". If want to skip this cube (and round) then you can click on it.

The goal is to match as many colors as possible, each cube has 4 sides, each side can be a different color. You can match colors to the sides of the board or to the sides of other cubes you have already placed. When two colors match they turn grey to indicate a match made. When a cube has matches on 3 or more sides it is cleared. When a cube is cleared any connecting matches are changed from grey to another random color. In addition to a point bonus, you get an extra round for each cube cleared.

The game ends when either the board is full or you run out of rounds, whichever happens first.


The more matches you get by placing one cube, the more they are worth.

1 Match = 200 Points
2 Matches = 500 Points
3 Matches = 1000 Points
4 Matches = 2000 Points
Clearing a cube = 1000 Points + Free Round

Relation to the game CoLoTo

If you have played CoLoTo then you probably are thinking that this is the same game. CoLoTo was a game created by MKY Hofmann in early 2008. To our knowledge it has not been updated since. MooLoTo was designed as a replacement for CoLoTo after every effort was made to contact the creator of CoLoTo and get him to update it. MooLoTo has several game play differences from CoLoTo, runs much faster, is compiled to Mono and sports a number of other improvements to the original design. No Code, Textures, Sounds or other intellectual property has been taken from CoLoTo in the production of MooLoTo and we feel that enough changes have been made to call MooLoTo an original game loosely based on concepts found in CoLoTo and other games.













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