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Created by Aargle Zymurgy
Produced by Aargle Zymurgy Systems

The Game That Changed Everything

Zyngo is Second Life's premier game. Created by Aargle Zymurgy in 2007, Zyngo revolutionized gaming in the virtual world. Today Zyngo is the most popular game at Moo Town and is played more than any other game.

Starting The Game

Once you have located the game you want to play, pay the game to start. If the game is freeplay you may just touch the game and choose "Play" to start the game.


You are allowed 18 rounds to score points. Each round, numbers and symbols will appear at the bottom of the display. You will have a brief amount of time to select matching numbers before the next round. When a number above matches a number displayed below, click the upper number to score. If a blue Joker appears, then you can select any number above it. If a green Joker appears in the middle, you may select any unselected square. (Note: you must use the green Joker before any other numbers or jokers.)


Zyngo games at Moo Town are configured in one of four ways:

To win instant games you need to beat the score listed on the top of the game.

Variable (also known as Multipot)
Variable Zyngo games will pay you a percentage of your payin based on your score. There are signs above the games showing what score pay what amounts. You can also touch any Variable Zyngo game and it will tell you the amounts in a menu.

Instant Devils
Instant Devils games are the same as standard Instant Zyngo games with the exception that they will also pay you a bonus each time you get a devil .

Zyngo Kickers
Zyngo Kickers are part of a grid-wide competition between players. To win, you must make it into a slot as listed above the game, once there you will win Linden Dollars each time anyone plays a Zyngo Kicker anywhere on the grid and you are not "Kicked" out of your slot by another player.


There is a "Classic" version of Zyngo that uses different scoring. All Zyngo games at Moo Town Games are "Wyld" so that is the scoring listed below. If you play Zyngo elsewhere be sure to verify the version being played.

Numbers Matched 200 Points
(on board or number tray)
1000 Points
Multiple Jokers
(any color)
1000 Points Each
(on board or number tray)
1000 Points

Makes any points earned in the round in which it appers worth less. The first time you get a devil scores that round will be worth 1/2 their normal value. The next time they will be worth 1/3, then 1/4 and so on.

Depending on how many rounds you have left, it is sometimes best not to play an important move if you have a devil that round.

2X All Scores Doubled For The Rest of The Game
Filled Line (any direction) 1000 Points
Complete Pattern 3000 Points
Complete Board 5000 Points



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